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Quick Information in English
Please note: Closures, change in service and restrictions due to Covid-19!


The Oldenburg Regional Library is one of three scientific libraries in Oldenburg. Along with the University Library (BIS) and the library of the University of Applied Sciences (Jade-Hochschule) the Regional Library forms the ORBIS library co-operative. In addition to a broad selection of scientific books, journals, newspapers and electronic material, the Regional Library holds a special collection of regional literature and sources.

Registration and Library Card

You need your ID or passport to register at the library. If you are underage you will also need a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.
The library card costs 5,- €. With this card you can borrow books and access electronic material. You may also register at the other two ORBIS libraries for free with this card. Please inform us immediately if your card is lost or stolen. You will be liable for all items and charges on your card until you have reported your card lost or stolen.

ORBISplus - The Catalog and User Account

The online catalog ORBISplus provides records of the holdings of the three ORBIS libraries and the electronic resources they offer.
You may also access your user account in the upper right hand corner of the catalog´s page. In your user account you will find information about your current loans, ordered or reserved items as well as overdue fines.
You will also find options for renewing your books, entering your email-address or changing your password. If you activate the ORBIS mail service, you will receive an email before the loan period of your books runs out as well as for the 1st and 2nd overdue notices and when reserved books are available for you to borrow.

Ordering and Borrowing Books

The Regional Library is partially a closed stacks library. The books in the open shelf area may be taken directly off the shelf and borrowed at the desk. Books that are older than 100 years, newspapers, reference books in the open shelf area, maps and other books marked "not borrowable" can only be used in the library. You can order the books of the closed stack area via the online catalog. They will be available to you within 15 minutes.
To find out where a book is located and whether it can or cannot be borrowed or is already borrowed by someone else, search the book in the online catalog and click on the "locations"-tab.
If the book is in the open shelf area, please note the shelf mark and take the book off the shelf yourself. If the book is in the closed stack area or currently borrowed, please click on "order" or "reserve" and follow the instructions.
Borrowing books is free of charge unless you fail to return the books on time, renew them within the loan period or damage or lose the books. The loan period for borrowed books is 30 days. You may renew your books via user account, telephone, email or at the circulation desk up to 6 times as long as no one else has reserved them.

Inter-Library Loan

Should you need a book not available at the ORBIS libraries, you may order it via inter-library loan to be send to the Oldenburg Regional Library. Coupons for those orders may be acquired at the desk for 1,50 € per order. Each coupon contains login data to order the book in the inter-library loan catalog GVK. Additional fees for copies and postage for international orders are possible. The turnaround times of inter-library loans differ.

Fees and Fines

Library Card 5,- €

Inter-library loan 1,50  € per order
(copy fees and postage for international orders are possible)

1st Overdue-notice 2,- € per book
2nd Overdue-notice 5,-  € per book
3rd Overdue-notice 10,-  € per book

Damaged or lost books need to be replaced in agreement with the library.
Extra fines may be assessed.

Opening hours


Day Time
Mon - Fri 10 am – 7 pm
Sat 9 am – 12 am

Learn- and Information Center (LIZ)

Day Time
Mon - Fri 10 am – 10 pm
Sat 9 am – 4 pm

Mon-Fri from 7 pm - 10 pm and Sat from 12 pm - 4 pm with limited service!
For detailed Information please call +49 (0)441-505018-20.

On the 1st Tuesday of every month at 4 pm a library tour will be offered in German.

Contact Information

Oldenburg Regional Library

Pferdemarkt 15
26121 Oldenburg

Telephone +49 (0)441-505018-0
Fax +49 (0)441-505018-14
Internet https://www.lb-oldenburg.de

Postal Address:
Postfach 7244
26052 Oldenburg

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